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The Death Star meets Propio, Apropiado, and Transferido

In the last article I described the Spanish True School’s Timing Contexts.  (Link)

Here is the table again for reference:

Times and Timings in Spanish True School

Time Offending Timing Simple English Executive\Dispositive Fencing Context
Before (not in time) Propio Get First Intention Action
During (in time) Apropiado Give (Given) Dispositive Attacks into preparation,
Multi-Intention Attacks
After (possibly in time) Transferido Steal (Stolen) Executive Parry-Riposte,

We can easily see these concepts in action by considering the actions of the first two Death Stars.

Propio – The Death Star Attacks Alderaan

Alderaan is at rest and the Death Star strikes in the before time, totally blowing it away with a Propio Medio Proporcionado.  It’s evil, but it worked.

Apropiado – The Rebel Fleet Attacks the Death Star at The Battle of Yavin

The Death Star is moving into position to attack and is destroyed while preparing to fire with an Apropiado Medio Proporcionado.  You can’t “fire when ready” when you’re dead.

Transferido – During the Attack on the Second Death Star the Death Star Attacks the Rebel Fleet

The attack is underway and the Death Star counterattacks with a Transferido Medio Proporcionado!  It’s a Trap!!!

Bonus Transferido – During the Death Star’s counterattack, the Rebels counterattack the counterattack

The Rebels have reversed the Emperor’s Transferido with a Transferido of their own.   Yeeee-hawwww!


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