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The Montante Mile

“Montante, Montante, how will I learn to understand?”
Montante says, “Walk a mile of the rules with me in your hands.”
“Montante, Montante, how will I learn still more?”
Montante says, “When you’ve done a single mile then walk another four.”


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The Montante Mile: Martial Challenge

There is an aphorism that states, “You do not know another person until you have walked a mile in his shoes” and in this case we want to know the montante in the same way. There will be no partner or adversary. There will be no one keeping score or time. There will be you, your weapon, and one mile of work to be done.

The goal of this martial challenge is to gain personal knowledge of the forms and the usage of the weapon beyond merely an academic level. It is our hope that at some point during the challenge you and the weapon will find common cause and greater understanding through physical action as a form of learning and meditation.

The organizers will lay out a measured course and be available to teach a few simple traditional montante forms that will allow the challenger to move forward along the course. After that it’s merely a matter of the challenger using a few forms to travel a mile in laps on the course.  You can use traditional forms, you can alter or combine forms, or you can use techniques from another tradition entirely.  The challenge is in the doing.

The course will have lengths measured at 60 feet. You will pass a mile with 90 lengths and complete the challenge. If you break your challenge out into 3 days then 30 lengths per day will accomplish the goal. If you cannot reach the full mile you could aim for the Montante Medio at 45 lengths.

What happens when your conscious mind relaxes and you can listen to what the Montante is telling you?  Perhaps you will find out in the Montante Mile.

What do you think?

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