Dr. Seuss and a Very Unafraid Little Old Lady

Dom and Alex

Dom (left) & Alex: Yummy homemade smoothies! (Oct. 1, 2012)

We read lots of books again today–a couple of Dr. Seuss books during morning snack “Hop on Pop” and one about a bear who wants to be in the zoo. We read the book about rockets, “Five Little Pumpkins,” the one about the bear who snores (they wanted me to do the a-a-a-choo about 6 or 7 times), “Felix the Fire Engine,” and a couple of other books. Puck read to them after work too–“Fergus Goes Quackers” and a Halloween-themed one with pop-ups about monsters in a house, plus some others.

We read the story about “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything” in the morning. Both Dom and Alex joined me on the couch, and they did physical gestures with me to go with the shoes going “clomp, clomp,” the pants going “wiggle, wiggle,” the shirt going “shake, shake,” the gloves going “clap, clap,” the hat going “nod, nod,” and the pumpkin head saying “boo, boo.” They really enjoyed the repetition of these in the book, and later in the afternoon when I was changing Dom’s diaper, I was asking him about the book and what the different items of clothing did. Alex came over by the changing table, and they both told me (and did some of the gestures). I was very impressed that they remembered so much already as we’ve read the book fewer than 10 times. At one point in the morning, Dom was carrying the “Little Old Lady” book around on top of the blue car that they push around. It was like he was taking the book out for a walk.

Alphabet and Names

During dinner, Puck was working with the boys on their lower case alphabet and on their names. They continue to do really well with the alphabet, and I think they are starting to identify their written names. Tonight Dom seemed especially attentive and observant. He would even run his finger from left to right as he read “Dom” or “Alex.” Alex seemed to be getting it, but at a certain point, he started just saying “Dom” and “Alex” as he had a pretty good chance to be right part of the time. Still, it felt like progress with both. Go, twin daddy! Go, boys!

Other Tidbits

  • At one point today, Dom was lying on his tummy on the tile floor in front of the door with his feet tapping or resting against the door while he happily played on the little laptop. He just looked so happy, and it was a moment that caught my attention. Later, Puck came in the door–opening it carefully, and Dom got some attention from his dad too.
  • Alex was picking up trash on the floor today and bringing it to me. Yep, time to vacuum!
  • Got lots of laundry done and folded today. The boys helped a little with moving it from the dryer to the living room.
  • They wanted to play with both castles. They also had a great time going through the tunnel with me chasing them. I think Dom had brought the tunnel over to me to open. They peeked at me from one end, crawled in and giggled as I tickled them and grabbed their feet through the cloth.
  • We listened to the Fire Truck playlist on YouTube this morning, and I had added the fast-paced alphabet song. Alex sang along with the fast alphabet, and Puck and I were both impressed with how well he stayed up. The boys practiced balancing on one foot a little bit and jumping–they still do that little one-two jump without quite getting both feet off the ground at the same time.
  • At bedtime tonight, Puck slowly sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and the boys sang along with him as best they could. It was very sweet. The boys said goodnight to each other and to Puck and me with just a little prompting tonight. After they settled in their beds, Puck and I took turns exercising and cleaning.
  • During evening nursing, the boys raced a car and truck up and down my arms and over my head. Then they became my “car hat” and “truck hat.”

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