Mary on February 26th, 2010

We went to the doctor today and found out that our twins are diamniotic monochorionic. That means each twin has an individual amniotic sack but they share a placenta. It also means the twins are almost certainly identical twins. We also got our first twin video! 12 Week Ultrasound (You can select one of the […]

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Mary on February 25th, 2010

Guest Post from Puck: The 5 Week Sprint Is Over! Today our babies officially reach the 12 week mark!  The babies graduate from embryo to fetus status and a lot of our dangerous times are behind us now. WifeWatch 2010 Food As much as we try to get Mary food she enjoys, the sheer volume […]

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Mary on February 25th, 2010

Today is Thursday which means that another Twin Day has arrived, and it’s a big one. Today we finish the 12th week and the first trimester. Hoody Hoo! It’s pretty exciting to be moving out of the dangerous waters of the first three months and into the next phase of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, I can’t […]

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Mary on February 24th, 2010

Guest Post by Puck: Mary has completed her first screening for gestational diabetes and passed with flying colors.  Yeah! SMoMs Last night I surprised the pregnant lady by taking her to the montly meeting of the Sacramento Mothers of Multiples (SMOMs) group.  These ladies are all battle-hardened twin (plus triplet and quadruplet) veterans and full of […]

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Mary on February 23rd, 2010

This past Valentine’s Day the Curtis Clan (well, soon to be clan) received some very special Valentine’s Day cards from our nieces Kate, Brenna and Savanna and our nephew Eric. Creative Kate Kate created a lovely picture for us of a rainbow with her standing beneath it. If you’ve been following the twin blog posts, […]

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