Mary on January 31st, 2010

Yes, today I earned two pregnancy merit badges. I entered the ranks of the women who have come before me. My first badge was for graduating from general nausea to actually throwing up. In the fine tradition of the first trimester, I have had official morning sickness. Unfortunately, it came at a rather inconvenient time, […]

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Mary on January 31st, 2010

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Mary on January 28th, 2010

No, I’m not going to talk about the evolution of the species but rather my evolving experience of this pregnancy. Tomorrow, Thursday, is week 8, and the two little ones inside me continue to develop. They are getting closer to an inch in length, and their bones, muscles, fingers, toes, and facial features are starting […]

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Mary on January 28th, 2010

This past weekend we had a visitor come to stay with us. She’s a little Yorkshire Terrier named Gracie who is a bundle of energy. She stayed with us once before, but during this visit she really seemed to feel more at home. Though still a bit wary of Shakti’s large paws, she proved herself […]

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Mary on January 26th, 2010

Guest Post From Puck: WifeWatch 2010 I have already covered my three WifeWatch 2010 items (Food, Mood, and Sleep) and here is our update. Food Friday I went out hunting and brought down a caribou with my teeth.  I then dragged the carcass back to my cave and buried it next to the fire pit. […]

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